What is the best game console ?

As we know, everybody plays video game. From adults to kids, the passion is the same, but, the only difference depends on each type of games console.

How to choose game console?

It is known that video games are growing on the market know, and it will surely increase with the next generation game console arrivals. But, it is to remember that before purchasing any game console, it is important to define the destined players. It may be parents, grandparents, teens or kids. Anyone has his type of console, and each console didn’t offer the same advantages. And, it is necessary to remember that the next generation of games console far surpass the old. It is also important to define the game to play, and the numbers of gamers for each console. However, in order to avoid any regrets, it is also important to define the game console’s criteria.

The game console of this year

While waiting for the PlayStation 5’s arrivals, the fourth editions of PlayStation is still the must have console nowadays. For a beginner like for hard gamer, the PlayStation 4 is still the only game console which presents his own Virtual Reality cask. It is true that the Microsoft Xbox One present almost the same component as the PlayStation 4. But if the Xbox one present only 32Mo of SD, the PlayStation as for it, offers much more power. Performed with non-violent games, the Nintendo Wii family is also a great game console. With an easy grip and accessible to all, young and old, Nintendo Wii is performed for a younger player, or for a family party. Obviously, there are portable game console too, and the most recommended are the Nintendo Wii U and the PlayStation Portable. Perfect for outside gaming, alone or in a team, they are both performed for a long time playing.

In other way, it is always important to remember that computer is only the recommended game station to adopt, for online gamers.